Thursday, July 10, 2008


City: Naples
Years Active: 1997 - 2001
Type of Music: Hardcore
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From the Think Fast Records website:

ESTEEM was a straight edge band formed in 1997 and based out of Naples, FL. The band was together until 2001. During their time as a band, they released a split 7" with Strength Approach (Italy) and a split CD with 200 North, which was released on Eulogy Recordings. Their release that appeared on TF! as TFR001, was a compilation of songs from demos, the split 7", and split CD which helped raise funds to start Think Fast! Records. ESTEEM was one of the very few youth crew style bands that existed in Florida during this time period. They shared the stage with bands such as Count Me Out, Kill Your Idols, Hatebreed, Reach The Sky, Shutdown, Trial, Where Fear And Weapons Meet, among many more. They played their final show in 2001 with American Nightmare, Kill Your Idols, and Good Clean Fun. Members went on to Flame Still Burns.

You can still order their split with 200 North here:

Esteem - Their tracks from the split with Strength Approach:

Esteem - Surrender To Convictions Demo

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