Tuesday, July 22, 2008


City: Gainesville
Years Active: 1995 - 1997 (roughly)
Type of Music: Punk
Myspace of Website: n/a

Vanbuilderass was awesome, plain and simple. Unfortunately, I never got to see them and all they released was this 7 inch with a few songs on comps. This is all they left for the world...too bad. I dont really know a whole lot about them to be honest but Steve Heritage from Assuck and Schematics Records released this on his label and recorded them. Also I was told that the drummer now plays in Rehasher with Roger from Less Than Jake. They also covered the song "One Shot Deal" on the full length. If anyone has more info, pass it on please

Vanbuilderass - Choices



Anonymous said...

"one shot deal" is my favorite rehasher song... definitely going to check this out then.

hopefully rehasher plays the fest this year again.

Abel F. said...

Great band! They gigged at either Cheers or the Punk Picnic Spot in the Everglades way back during a Punkvember Fest or some shit. I caught them somewhere there (too much cerveza!) and they rocked! I regret losing this 7"!!! Gotta love a band that takes their name from a Charles Bukowski book [from the Barfly screenplay]. Hey! Kinda like Hot Water Music. We some literate mofos down here!

japanesegodjesusrobot said...

I found this post when I was looking up info about this band earlier. I'm selling a bunch of t-shirts, including a Vanbuilderass shirt, if anyone on here is interested. Anyway thanks for the info and the tunes. I used to have the 7", but don't anymore.

To see the t-shirt listings, go to ebay and search for my username, which is rockinhoboken.

stacy said...

if anyone has access to a copy of this album i would very much appreciate it. steakymikad@msn.com

Alex said...

I dated one of the girls in Vanbuilderass, great fucking band of classic girls. We were Genghis Fly and somehow we got a gig at the Hardback where I met Nancy. We immediately hit it off and we spent the night over at Sam's house (I think) and hung out all night, both bands together. She was great, but I think Roger moved in on her when I was away because we were from Tampa/St. Pete... he was a good drummer though, gotta give'em that. Vanbuilderass played straight up punk, or maybe pop-punk style. Had LOTS of friends and the parties were ragers w/ lots of weed and quarts. Had a great time... Nancy was cool as hell.

Crystal Marie said...
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Crystal Marie said...


Here's the choices 7"inch. Enjoy!

Josh said...

Anyone happen to have the lyrics for "Some Cringer Song"?

Mike said...

"Some Cringer Song" is "Empty Inside" by Cringer. The first two Google searches have lyrics.