Monday, October 6, 2008

International Superheroes of Hardcore covering Shai Hulud

So this past weekend I went out to see the guys in New Found Glory in Jacksonville and Tallahassee. For those who don't know, NFG has a side project called the International Superheroes of Hardcore which is basically NFG but Chad sings and Jordan plays guitar. On the tour, the band Four Year Strong suggested that they (ISHC) cover Shai Hulud since Chad used yo sing for them. They ended up covering it at both shows since they were in Florida and it was incredible. The Jacksonville show had a high stage and a barrier so kids couldnt get on stage but the Tallahassee show was pure insanity. I stagedived (dove) for the first time in about 6 years and Im definately feeling it this morning. Im going to be acquiring the footage of the Tallahassee show soon so Ill post it when I get it but until then, enjoy the footage from the Jacksonville show.

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despairxhc said...

bro ... this something that i miss most .. one of the best lineup that use to have other than damien moyal .. i'm not say i don't like the new shai hulud ... i juz miss the old days ... it kinda suck coz i only can see them on the video only .. hopefully someday ...