Monday, October 27, 2008

An update tomorrow

Ive had a lot of personal stuff going on this past few days which is the reason for not having a post today. Expect an update tomorrow...also Ill be adding interviews with John Wylie (Morning Again, Eulogy Recordings), Dan Mazin (Until the End), Jason Lederman (Where Fear and Weapons Meet, Machine), Matt Fox (Shai Hulud), George Van Orsdel (The Van Orsdels, Jobbernowl), and the Metal Wolf (Stickshift Lover) in the near future as soon as I get them in.
The Alex Del Bueno benefit show happened this past Thursday and from what I heard it was incredible. Churchills was sold out and they were able to raise money for Alex's family. Very big ups to John McHale, Bundie, and Mark Clap at New Art School for putting all of it together.
Lastly, Im heading up to New Jersey on Thursday morning so no post til Monday.

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