Monday, October 20, 2008


City: Daytona Beach
Years Active: 2006 - Present
Type of Music: Hardcore
Myspace or Website:

Im gonna say it flat out and not pull any punches: Meantime, in my opinion, is the best current hardcore band in Florida. I had a chance to see them over the summer and they had so much energy and the kids were going off. They just released a 7 inch on Double or Nothing Records and have been touring and playing shows nonstop since its release. I was told that the band is straight edge and some of the members are vegan/vegetarian. The band sent me this to help clarify their views:

"We are a straight edge band. Issues that Alex and some members of the band stress are vegetarianism/veganism; using every ounce of hate in your body to change the things you hate about this world; that eating meat/lifting weights/drinking/etc (anything that people think make you manly) are not real ways to judge someone, not relying on a "higher power" as a crutch or one to cast blame to for your own stupid decisions"

Check their Myspace to find out when they are heading out your way.

You can order their self titled 7 inch as well as tshirts here:

Meantime - 2nd Demo

Meantime - Demo 06

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billy white said...

lifting weights isn't scene now?