Monday, October 13, 2008

Load - Hellraiser Sessions

City: Miami
Years Active: Not sure to be honest
Type of Music: Hardcore/Punk/Noise
Myspace or Website: n/a

I never saw Load. I wasnt too into them but recently after hearing this tape, I wish I would have. Noisy, angry, pissed off. They played the Slammie Awards twice and were a fixture at Churchills for many years. If anyone has info to offer, Id appreciate it. Until then, enjoy the Hellraiser Sessions. Also if anyone has the 12 inch or any other material, please get in touch

Load - Hellraiser Sessions


xDanielx said...

hey chip, I have load's "does dead god flesh smell?" which is amazingly awesome, if you want it.

missing the foundation said...

I'll pay you for a copy of that. I have one of their old 7 inches on CD. Someone stole the vinyl, but I luckily made a copy. If you want, I'll make you a copy of the one I have to.

The South Florida Scene Past And Present said...

Hey man
I dont have a physical copy of it...I borrowed it from a friend and ripped it to my computer. I would really appreciate the tracks from the 7 inch to add here. Email me at

Sbordone said...

Fuck. I used to play their demo tape like nonstop. "Does Dying Godflesh Smell" was definitely their jam.

rachel said...

LOAD was awesome,, seen them play at least 20 times,, drunken, loud punk rock..One night back in the early 1990's i seen AAA, and LOAD at Churhills and then drove up to Squeeze and seen Holy Terrors and!!

Anonymous said...

LOAD and Radiobaghdad were the best back in the mid late 1990's,, i've seen Radibaghdad play last year locally, all new guys and they SUCKED!! give it up guys!!!

Scooter Livingston said...

Can you re-link? Megaupload is no more.