Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Springfields

City: Miami Springs
Years Active: 1995 - 1996
Type of Music: Punk
Myspace or Website: n/a

So who were the Springfields? The Springfields were the early recorded output of Andrew from Bird of Ill Omen. The Springsfield played fast punk rock and Andrew played drums before switching to guitar for the Bird. Pretty good quality for a demo especially back then. Fun songs, they even had a song called "I Love Straight Edge". Never saw them but the demo is real good so check it out.

EDIT: Andrew from the Springfields was nice enough to give me some insight into the band as well as the history.

"The Springfields originally and for the most part we're driven by Rudy Sheilds. He later played bass in One Less Car. I pretty much took rudys songs and recorded all the instruments and helped tighten a few things up. Lance Craig, who is a well known DJ in Chicago now, wrote I love str8edge.

The band kind of evolved from that and the songs got a little more mature later on when we recruited Aaron Jablonowski on bass and Edgar Espinosa on drums. The recordings of that era are lost as far as i know.

The final evolution though actually was when the guys from the bird joined. Tom Rankine and Pete Bartsocas joined and a video of us at club Q does exist somwhere. I think the final line up was tom on bass, pete on guitar, aaron on drums, rudy singing and myself on the other guitar.

At one point i was the drummer for live shows and rudy played guitar and sang. I think aaron was on the bass at that time.

The springfields we're yet another one of those communal bands. Different players would drop in and out for a show or two. I wish we had a recording of the last 5 or 6 songs they we're well crafted and I think our peak. The fist demo and the club Q video i'm pretty sure are the only existing record of the band."

The Springfields - Join The Springfields


FROJAX said...

Lance Craig (AKA Lance Milk), the author of "I love Straightedge", also played bass on The Be-Sharps first full length release.

Christian Andrew said...

I love this tape. One new years Lance, Renzo Gorrio and I went to a Springfields show in Miami Springs and got really wasted (totally underage) and went into the night chanting "The One Eyed Ghost... Don't fuck with the ghost" loud enough to have MSPD chase us in a car on the golf course with a spot light on us (like a one eyed ghost). Lance and I got away, they caught Renzo. They were cool enough to give him a ride to my place where we could then laugh about it. The ordeal resulted in The OEG Crew and the hit single Oral Homicide - The One Eyed Ghost. Thanks for the good times and good tunes guys! I love the new record too! Glad you made it. Make more!